A Landlord Rights Attorney Can Protect Your Rights As a Tenant

If you’re in a tenancy dispute with your landlord and are concerned about your rights as a tenant, you should contact a landlord rights attorney in Chicago to help you. The Chicago Bar Association’s Right to Counsel Pilot Program provides free legal assistance to tenants and landlords at risk of eviction. In eviction lawsuits, the presence of a landlord rights attorney can make a significant difference. In fact, nearly 90% of landlords and 10% of tenants are represented by an attorney. Unrepresented renters have a higher chance of losing their cases and losing their homes. Some people assume that evictions aren’t a big deal in Chicago. But they’re wrong.

While Chicago landlords can be notorious for demanding large rent increases, tenants should still know their rights. Many state laws do not allow landlords to increase rents by more than six percent per year. In fact, landlords are required to provide proper notice of any rent increases and include new terms in future leases. In Chicago, it is also the tenant’s right to be aware of violations of the building code. Without an attorney’s help, tenants may be forced to pay higher rents than they originally agreed to.

The Chicago Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance and the Illinois Commercial Property Code can cause a wide range of problems between landlords and tenants. An experienced attorney is able to navigate the laws and protect the rights of both parties. If you’re a landlord, you may be subject to fines, tenant attorney fees, and more. However, Chicago landlords should always consult an attorney before signing a lease. A landlord rights attorney in Chicago can protect your rights as a landlord and make sure your tenants are not abusing them.

Finding an experienced Chicago landlord rights attorney can be a challenging task. An attorney specializing in landlord and tenant law is a must if you are facing eviction or a tenancy dispute. A Chicago landlord rights attorney should be able to negotiate a settlement that will benefit both parties. You can also choose to represent a landlord and negotiate a lower rent, if that is possible. This type of representation is often the most beneficial option for landlords. To learn more about landlord and tenant laws visit https://www.chicagolandlordtenantattorneys.com/.

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